10XONE is the world’s first native “low code, no code” ERP, CRM+HR+…more.  “Native low code” means that end users can change more and more of our software – ANY feature.

We need fresh thoughts, ideas – but also your experience – combined.

What we do is – complex stuff. We have 1000+ tables, millions of lines of code and more. Multiple layers. We make critical software design decisions weekly, monthly. It is far not boring stuff.

Still we are small, nimble and ambitious.

And: all these we need to deliver simply, when it comes to end users.

What you will find at us

Join us if you hate boredom but love very complex development and architectural tasks and some predictability.

As a start: we have 1400 main (!) deep business functions, features and 1400 database tables – and we handle 100’s of Millions of records and 10’s of TB’s of data.

And all these to be solved in a way so as later on anyone with a low code approach can change them. Developers, BA’s, product owners alike.

We do not want you to specialize in one field. You can learn them – all. It may take longer, but you will understand many industries like never before.

And of course you will learn new ways of using technology better.

We want to try and build on latest stuff with you.

On top of it we have seasoned investors and management who have built already Billions of shareholder value in other businesses. We know what we do and you will love it.

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10xONE – We implement and provide (from the cloud) complex business software (ERP, CRM, Financials, HR and more) like never before: simply, fast, easily.

What you will get

  • Professional and Personal development plan for 1-3 years: besides professional development we pay attention, if you want, for you to grow personally: in communication style, teamwork, understanding yourself and others, growing yourself. All these in a plan that we put together with and then make it happen with – you.
  • Fast technology growth and rapid change: we do not expect you to be perfect nor that you did all what we need already. What we expect from you is that you are willing to grow. We are ready to help and support you in this.
  • Experiment with and later make use of upcoming technologies like the latest .NET, AI tools
  • Extensive training on our high performance flexible technical architecture and our unique development environment today as well as the latest additions to come based on leading market standard technologies
  • Grow into a CTO role: that’s why we want to find you
  • Real technology and business challenges, every day if you want: you will solve real business issues. Not only adjusting code here and there. You will and can think like a businesswo/man if you want: you can make real decisions. If you do not want to – it is not a must, but you can.
  • We have a great team of experienced developers you will work with. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is in the DNA of our company and our developers.
  • Play with the latest tech, whenever you want: you will get time to try to apply in our tech stack some of the latest technologies whenever in any layer we need an upgrade.
  • Home office, as well: we have been working from home for 3 years on now. Sometimes we need to meet to discuss in-dept things.
  • An office like home – if you want: we are in the 2nd district in Buda, Budapest, Hungary. The forests and trees / sqkm are very high in this area, still we are close to the city center: 10 mins with bus or tram. We have our own trams. You think we are kidding. We are not. Plus the office feels like being at home.
  • Work with a nice tech stack, with some 17 layers to make the user experience seamless.
  • We have a wide range of services and products: you will not get bored – ever. There will be always something new to learn – we have new service and product ideas for the next 100 years.
  • Continuous development, learning: find the course or training you like and we will be in. You can become a zen master – if that helps us to become better, stronger, smarter together.
  • $$$: we pay you well. If you deliver we pay you very well. (<- notice the rhyme, also! :) ) It is as simple as that.
  • Become a real manager, fast: if we grow – you grow. If we grow – your team will grow. You can manage 1, 2…many people.


base comp per month


Personally and profesionally


We do care, too. About you, too. This is how we show respect.

Your job will include

  • Architecture decisions: Being part of architectural experiments and decisions
  • Solution design – internal: for new features, functions – business solutions (“how do we do this?”)
  • Documentation ownership: Keeping our tech documentation structured and up-to date
  • Training materials ownership (After learning our solutions) developing training materials and training other developers
  • Software development (a.k.a. coding): we cannot precisely predict what % of your time, but we assume about 40-50% of your time will be hands on coding, as well – and helping others
  • Software integration design: we connect our software to other applications – we use low code no code approach for this, as well. We do it smart. We want you to do it similarly.
  • Work with a complex technical SaaS cloud architecture which allows our clients to develop their dream applications easily (“low code”) – you will further enhance and improve this architecture
    • latest .NET
    • SQL Server
    • Elastic cache
    • XML UI designer
    • SignalR
  • Release management: you will work in a highly automated proprietary development and CI/CD environment that ensures that you will not need to spend your precious time on routine work
  • This environment is built on market- standard tools like
    • SVN
    • TeamCity
    • Visual Studio 2019
  • Solution design – client, on medium- and large-sized projects: occasionally you may participate in client-related solution design: we have 1400 high value business functions implemented today to be used by us and our clients to build their dream solutions. You will use those functions on our client projects as well as create new functions based on customer demand – as well as our internal desire to move into new industry and functional areas to extend our reach and success.
  • Performance tuning: app-server and database-server level: our system is enterprise-scale – this means real companies are solving real problems. Dealing with complex business processes and large-scale transaction and data volumes is our and will be your daily business. Designing and optimizing for volume and speed is essential.
  • Even more solution design: Our system is multi-tenant, multi-currency, multi-entity: in every and each case you will be facing these additional factors. Multi-entity means that multiple businesses can use the same data elements (records) – this means additional challenges.
  • Front-end, back-end, you name it: you will be working on all components of the system – front end, application layer and database. Truly full stack!
  • You will work in all areas – we do not make you to specialize in any fields of our software. So you will keep on learning – for years.

Some of our large clients we are proud of

At each of these clients we solve essential, critical and tough problems with information technology – with 10xONE, like noone ever before. We handle millions of transactions, thousands of users.

40+ additional businesses