International Sales Specialist

We have 2 technology businesses.

10xONE – the IKEA of business software: this is a complex business software that can do many things. 10xONE is the new SAP. See more at:

iAGE – we build business software that users love on AS400 (IBM i). This is a technology advisory and software development business. See more at:

We are selling with both of our businesses worldwide. If you think big, this is something for you!

You will be responsible for…

  • ...introducing our businesses to the targeted companies – conducting cold calls and contacting potential clients from marketing activities
  • Driving sales projects from the first call to signing contracts
  • Negotiating together with our CEO and senior team members – and even alone if it is needed
  • Cooperating with Marketing and thinking together about new ideas
  • Developing yourself and bringing the latest trends into daily practice
  • Developing our business development strategy – if you are ready for it.

You are our person if you…

  • 5 years+ sales experience in selling professional services or products to mid-sized and large businesses over the phone
  • A need to grow with us – we want to become a dominant player with both of our businesses
  • Solid English
  • Hands on remote selling abilities you can demonstrate
  • A need to measure and track what you do
  • A sens of humor – we do not know why but we think it is a must

You will get…

  • We will listen to your own opinion – actually sharing it will be a must 🙂
  • Total flexibility. You can work from anywhere and anytime, we only care about the results
  • Responsibility and space to create something which didn’t exist before
  • Anything you need to perform
  • A key role in our businesses

Are you ready to challenge yourself and even us? Are you hungry for success?

Prove it! Pick up the phone and show us what you can do!

+36 20 374 7321