HR generalist wanted

(with at least 3 years of HR experience)

Work from anywhere forever. Grow with us together.




10XONE is the world’s first native “low code, no code” ERP, CRM+HR+…more.  “Native low code” means that end users can change more and more of our software – ANY feature.

After 10 years of successfully building the basis and establishing our reputation with valuable clients, we are entering the next stage.

We are growing fast. We have just received fresh significant investment.

And this brings complexity.

But we do it simply, when it comes to end users.

We truly believe that:
happy people -> magnitudes better product -> happy customers

We believe that people come first. Our people. Through them we can build magnitudes better product. And the magnitudes better product will attract customers.

So: we do not want to specialize in one field. You can learn further and apply all aspects of HR – really all. It may take years, but you will understand almost any HR problem like never before.

And of course you will learn new ways of using technology better and how to communicate better with business prospects.

You will be facing, the most complex technology and business problems you can imagine – and you, together with us, will build an unprecedented culture – and product.

It is easy to try hard. It is hard to try easy.”

(Unknown author)

10xONE – We implement and provide (from the cloud) complex business software (ERP, CRM, Financials, HR and more) like never before: simply, fast, easily.

What you will get

  • Fast growth and rapid change: we do not expect you to be an HR manager with 10 years+ of technology experience. What we expect from you is that you are able to grow into the position. We are patient and there is a lot you will learn from us and on the job. We are growing fast – you will be, too.
  • Real business challenges, every day: you will solve real business issues. Not only adjusting work contract templates. You will and can think like a business-wo/man if you want: make real decisions.
  • Strategic role of HR: we think of HR as a key success factor to our future. we believe that HR is more than handling HR contracts or tracking time spent. HR is one critical element in the foundation of our business. We keep on building, nurturing our business – so you will be doing that, too.
  • Love: your primary job will be to make sure that everyone finds love in his or her job. So you do.
  • Build our people: we believe that people working for us must feel well, feel satisfied, know themselves and grow personally, not only professionally. You can nurture them, grow them, as well.
  • Build our business: we believe that HR is more than handling HR contracts or tracking time spent. HR is one critical element in the foundation of our business. We keep on building, nurturing our business – so you will be doing that, too.
  • Home office, forever: we have been working from home for 3 years on now. We will keep it like that. +Work from any time zone you want. We need your results not your presence.
  • An office like home – if you want: we have an office in San Francisco (Market Street) and another one in the 2nd district in Buda, Budapest, Hungary (Europe). Both are very nice. So if you want to come in some time, you are always welcome.
  • Thrill – you will not get bored – ever. There will be always something new to learn – we have new service and product ideas for the next 100 years.
  • International exposure: we enter new markets – so you learn new markets with us: we do not stay in one country: we grow dynamically.
  • Continuous development, learning: find the course or training you like and we will be in. You can become a zen master – if that helps us to become better, stronger, smarter together.
  • Salary: if you deliver we pay you well. If you deliver we pay you very well. (<- notice the rhyme, also! :) ) It is as simple as that.
  • Become a real (or if you are: an even better) manager, fast: if we grow – you grow. If we grow – your team will grow. You can manage 1, 2…many people.

Some of our large clients we are proud of

At each of these clients we solve essential, critical and tough problems with information technology – with 10xONE, like noone ever before. We handle millions of transactions, thousands of users.

40+ additional businesses

What we need in you

  • We are largely extending the team which revolutionizes software development – we need you to design, build and run the HR function that supports us
  • We believe that growth can only happen if our people are well cared for, can develop new skills according to the needs, have a long term career perspective and their performance is appropriately appreciated, not only with money, but with attention, care and respect.
  • We do not believe in HR blueprints – but we value your experience and creativity for sure. So feel free to re-apply you learnt if it suits us.
  • We are unique – you have a basis in HR but are ready to learn and grow with us every day
  • We need your experience and your enthusiasm – we are ready and willing to work with you, help and coach as needed!

Your job will include

  • Employer branding: we need to infuse everyone on board with our unique culture and they have to understand and see why their contribution is important and why our people can truly love our product and the way we do things.
  • Recruitment: write job descriptions, post and manage ads, handle applications, run the applicant evaluation process
  • Onboarding: refine and support the onboarding process including Contracting
  • Training: refine & support the training process
  • Evaluation and incentives: design and run our incentive and evaluation system that ensures that people are respected and are cared for
  • Generic HR management: contracting, contract handling, contract templatesPayroll is not part of your job (we have it outsourced)
  • Time tracking, reporting: you will help us to collect hours spent from everyone.
  • Subcontractor management: some of our best people work as subcontractors – but they are an essential part of our team. So you will be handling them from an HR perspective, as well
  • Payroll management: NO, not needed – as it is outsourced, you do not need to do it

Our requirements for you

  • Speak and write in English fluently
  • Real experience in HR, even better if technology or software HR field
  • Ability to think in numbers: be able to plan & measure
  • Experience in Social Media HR Campaigns: Facebook, Google Ads, Linkedin, Twitter, and E-mail marketing – you will be supported by our marketing generalist in these
  • Basic IT skills. You will not need to write code – but please be skilled in e.g. Excel or Word or how to slightly adjust a job posting.
  • Hands on: some of the things that are given at a multinational with 1000’s of employees will need to be done by you. Please do not wait for the webmaster to change a job ad or slightly change a Linkedin ad. Do it for yourself. This is not for cost efficiency but effectiveness reasons.
  • Be proactive do your own thing you feel you need to do

How do we work?

  • Love: we do what we love, as well
  • Use technology to make work easier
  • We prioritize heavily
  • Open to new ideas, thoughts
  • Execution is key
  • We are brave to try new
  • Stress
  • Fun
  • No stress
  • Fun
  • Honesty
  • Fun

Note: Fun is not an option. You cannot be boring. Really. Please.