Work from anywhere forever. Grow with us together.

Do you want to work for a company that has proven it already?

That is not a multinational with faceless minds but a company that has a soul?


But we have long term committed clients at the same time. We are not a startup swallowing investor money. 🙂

We truly believe that:
happy people -> magnitudes better product -> happy customers

We believe that people come first. Our people. Through them, we can build magnitudes of better products. And the magnitudes better product will attract customers.

What you will find at us

Join us if you hate boredom but love very complex development and architectural tasks and predictability.

  • We are iAGE
  • We have been working together for more than 10 years
  • As such if you join it is probable that if you want we will retire together – not soon 🙂
  • We have a tremendous amount of experience in designing and building mission-critical systems
  • Good mood, we do not stress about things unless it is badly needed (which is almost never)
  • You can live your own life – we love to let people live as that is the most important part

What you will get

  • Growth: we do not expect you to be perfect nor that you did all what we need already. What we expect from you is that you are willing to grow. We are ready to help and support you in this.
  • Extensive training on client specifics and their environment
  • Grow into a Business Analyst, Technical Analyst, Project Manager or Developer Team Manager role: these are all open for you
  • Real technology and business challenges, every day if you want: you will solve real business issues. Not only adjusting code here and there. You will and can think like a business-wo/man if you want: you can make real decisions. If you do not want to – it is not a must, but you can.
  • We have a great team of experienced developers you will work with. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is in the DNA of our company and our developers.
  • Home office: we have been working from home for 3 years on now. We will keep it like that. +Work from any time zone you want. We need your results not your presence.
  • An office like home – if you want: we are in the 2nd district in Buda, Budapest, Hungary. The forests and trees / sqkm are very high in this area, still we are close to the city center: 10 mins with bus or tram. We have our own trams. You think we are kidding. We are not. Plus the office feels like being at home.
  • We have a wide range of services and products: you will not get bored – ever. There will be always something new to learn – we have new service and product ideas for the next 100 years.
  • Continuous development, learning: find the course or training you like and we will be in. You can become a zen master – if that helps us to become better, stronger, smarter together.
  • $$$: we pay you well. If you deliver we pay you very well. (<- notice the rhyme, also! :) ) It is as simple as that.

€2500 – 3500

base comp per month


Personally and profesionally


We do care, too. About you, too. This is how we show respect.

Your job will include

  • You will develop new software functions (about 30% of the time) or maintain, change existing one (70% of time).
  • Work on systems with high availability needs in an environment where quality does matter.