The first full blown “low code, no code” ERP, CRM+HR+…more.

With 1400 (!) business functions, features. All – 100% integrated. With one very simple to use UI.

Rule-, solution- and service-based.
Solutions for specific business problems. Rules – change them. Services – callable from outside (100% open API’s).

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What you will get

  • Home office, forever: we have been working from home for 3 years on now. We will keep it like that. +Work from any time zone you want. We need your results not your presence.
  • An office like home – if you want: we are in the 2nd district in Buda, Budapest, Hungary. The forests and trees / sqkm are very high in this area, still we are close to the city center: 10 mins with bus or tram. We have our own trams. You think we are kidding. We are not. Plus the office feels like being at home.
  • Real challenges, every day: you will solve real business issues. Not only adjusting a few tables. You will and can think like a business-wo/man if you want: make real decisions. If you do not want to – it is not a must, but you can.
  • We have a wide range of services and products: you will not get bored – ever. There will be always something new to learn – we have new service and product ideas for the next 100 years.
  • We enter new markets – so you learn new markets with us: we do not stay in one country: we grow dynamically. So you can learn newer and newer markets, you can learn the similarities and differences, as well.
  • Continuous development, learning: find the course or training you like and we will be in. You can become a zen master – if that helps us to become better, stronger, smarter together.
  • $$$: we pay you well. If you deliver we pay you very well. (<- notice the rhyme, also! :) ) It is as simple as that.
  • Become a real manager, fast: if we grow – you grow. If we grow – your team will grow. You can manage 1, 2…many people.


We say what is needed

0.1 – 0.25%

Share option in our business if you achieve our targets for vesting


We do care, too. About you, too.


  • 90-100% home office – you can come to work in our Budapest, Hungary office if you want, and sometimes you go and meet clients
  • International clientele: we have clients in several countries
  • Hardly any routine work (!) – you will always work on new stuff
  • 1400 main functions – you can work often on different stuff, you will not be bored in the next decade
  • Documentation of everything – we document thoroughly everything we do
  • Daily standup – is the only 15 minutes when you need to be present. Online – only. Otherwise you manage 100%  your time